And what to drink before training?

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And then? Let’s start with the drinks that need to be included in your eating habits to rehydrate you and here we have water first, drink at least three glasses after exercise, then green tea, juices, orange juice and tomato juice.

The first, rich in antioxidants, causes the muscles to recover quickly, but do not exceed the amount, because it contains caffeine, an exciting substance that can cause stress and nervousness.

Citrus juices and orange juice stimulate muscle mass.

Citrusové šťávy a pomerančová šťáva stimulují svalovou hmotu.

Bitter orange extract in particular helps to tone muscles and shape the silhouette; in combination with a diet, it also helps with weight loss. Another key food to help the body recover is tomato juice, which helps muscles return to their normal state after being strained and stretched during sports.

In addition to bananas, which we said are rich in potassium, but also in sugars, apples are also suitable for athletes who need to supplement the mineral salts consumed during physical exertion. Apples are also good for building muscle and burning fat. Other recommended fruits are:

  • strawberries;
  • kiwi;
  • blueberries with antioxidant power and pineapple, which contains natural anti-inflammatory substances useful for fighting sprains and swelling;
    ginger is an anti-inflammatory agent not only in the muscles, but also for the whole organism.

Among the vegetables, legumes and greens that are suitable after exercise are spinach, which is loaded with iron; sweet potatoes rich in complex carbohydrates, potassium and vitamin C and chickpeas rich in fiber, mineral salts, vitamins C and B;

Sugar beets are also recommended, full of betaine, which is essential for the liver and joints, and which also supports muscle strength; the idea of ​​consuming the right amount of vegetables can be making a good soup. The basis is dried fruit, which can give you a lot of satisfaction after training

First of all, it allows you to feel full without necessarily rushing to the table to eat. They are used to rehydrate your body with mineral salts, fiber and vitamins that you lose during training. Some medical studies have confirmed that dried fruit accelerates metabolism after exercise and promotes excellent muscle recovery.

We continue with eggs, dairy products and fish.

The former, which are rich in protein (and are therefore the basis of any protein diet), play an important role in supporting the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and body weight, while among the dairy products that can be combined with physical activity, we only find cheeses with a low content fat.

Instead, green fish such as anchovies, sardines, herring and mackerel and tuna and salmon, containing omega 3 with beneficial effects on metabolism and able to keep pressure under control.

Základem je sušené ovoce, které vám může po tréninku poskytnout spoustu uspokojení

It would therefore be ideal to prepare a nice salad of tuna, eggs and vegetables.

In the ranking of foods that help the body to recover quickly after training, bresaola is also in the first places, capable of regenerating and restoring muscle fibers; walnuts, which help the immune system and are delicious when paired with a glass of low-fat yogurt, such as Zymil Plain Yogurt.

Whole grain bread and honey are perfect for replenishing glycogen stores; cereals and Greek yogurt together provide protein and carbohydrates, and quinoa is rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber and protein, so we also suggest a delicious recipe for quinoa and pumpkin meatballs, simple to prepare, light and really good.