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This has been absolutely surpassed in recent times: in fact, in all the research done in the past, the adaptation period was never considered and no strategies were offered to face and overcome it.

Current findings even suggest performance superiority for endurance sports compared to the old sugar-based approach (8,9). For high-intensity sports that must be short but very intense, research has not yet established whether a ketogenic diet can guarantee superior performance .

In fact, the conclusions are still open and the same ketogenic diet can have different degrees, so it is always good to test individually and keep an open mind. Important points that you should not underestimate when following a ketogenic diet and doing sports

Make sure your ketogenic diet is balanced and filling.

Ujistěte se, že vaše ketogenní strava je vyvážená a sytá.You may have adverse symptoms that are not related to the supply of ketogenic substances itself, but to the fact that you apply them incorrectly or do not eat enough. In this regard, the SAUTÓN Approach suggests adding snacks rich in balanced plant proteins, berries, superfoods and oil seeds (which we will see soon ) can help you eat more without experiencing the side effects of ketosis.

Put all strategies in place to face the first period of adaptation.

And consider that in some, LDL cholesterol may increase during the first period of adaptation to the ketogenic diet, even if the other markers are all in balance. This can also happen in lean, athletic people. These people are defined by Lean Mass Hyper Respinders (LMHR) researchers.

An increase in LDL cholesterol is not bad in itself, although many doctors tend to worry about it, and the cause of this increase remains largely unknown (10,11).

Important points to solve this temporary hike can be:

  • perform proper cleaning of old oxidized cholesterol;
  • carry out a liver cleanse;
  • remove parasites from the body;
  • check iodine values.

Is it safe to exercise and play sports on a ketogenic diet?

It’s safe to eat a ketogenic diet and do sports and exercise because the ketosis we’re talking about is a natural metabolic state, a nutritional ketosis, for which our bodies are absolutely designed. Humans are particularly predisposed to ketogenesis (ie, the production of ketones) compared to everyone else mammals.

You must understand that at the beginning of your change, there may be fluctuations in blood sugar levels and subsequently blood pressure values. Therefore, if you are using drugs to keep these values ​​under control, it is important that in case of metabolic changes, the doses are adjusted with the help of your doctor.Je bezpečné cvičit a sportovat na ketogenní dietě

  • This is a point that applies to anyone on a ketogenic diet, not just those who exercise.
  • How the SAUTÓN approach can help you fulfill your ketogenic diet
  • To make the ketogenic diet even more effective, make sure you are digesting well.
  • The assimilation of nutrients from food is not a matter of course: it is a delicate process that you may have weakened or blocked with bad habits.
  • As we teach in the SAUTÓN approach, there are 4 millennial secrets that need to be better digested:

1. Eat mainly cooked foods (including vegetables) and drink hot water, even in summer, because heat promotes the digestive fire;

2. Start meals with protein for better absorption, easier satiety, and lower glycemic impact of all subsequent meals;

3. A light dinner (mainly cooked vegetables) or practice intermittent fasting, instead have a rich and complete breakfast and lunch;