17th Annual Conference – Legal Department Management

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Opening Panels: Focus on developing people for the best performance in your company’s legal department. Initial insights: The first panels of the event are aimed at discussing the profile of today’s professionals and analyzing trends for the future. Understand how to act in an increasingly competitive scenario to retain the best employees and hire potential young people to compose a legal team aligned with your company’s strategic positioning.

9:00 am – Profile of the 21st Century: Understand the Behavior of Professionals Entering the Job Market and the Ambitions of the Generation That Will Dominate the Legal Management of Companies in a Few Years

  • Who are the new lawyers? Social, cultural and socioeconomic profile of young professionals who are gaining prominent positions in the market
  • The ideal profile: identify the needs of your company and find the right professional to compose your legal team
  • The importance of understanding current behaviors to outline effective and assertive action plans with your employees
  • Legal team building and the generation gap: how to deal with the characteristics of
  • Generation Y and align with the experience of those who have been working in the market for a longer time

Focus on results: motivate your legal team to achieve goals, preserve the corporate image and raise investments in the company. Timely discussion with professionals from different market segments for the diagnosis of actions that aim to make the team aware of the possibilities of improving results and building a positive image of the company

12:00 pm – Engage your Team – Understand how investing in internal strategies can help prevent actions against the company, in addition to helping to preserve your company’s corporate image in the market

Strategies developed internally for dissemination to employees, aimed at preventing actions against the company: awareness, training and alignment with the goals of the legal department and the company.Dynamic flow of information: prevent risks from becoming a reality or increasing their severity and discuss ways to circumvent the delay with which matters reach the legal department

Front line: the importance of investing in training for all company teams, in order to protect the corporate image

The role of the corporate lawyer in this context

  • Carmen Backsmann
    Executive Manager of Legal Affairs – Volkswagen do Brasil
  • Flavio Franco

Legal Executive Director – Netshoes

1 pm – Lunch

Legal management meeting: face the challenges and discover how to improve the relationship between the internal areas of your company. Brainstorm: We develop specific content focused on important managerial aspects that will help you achieve improvements in the performance of your legal department. Bring your ideas to an interactive debate and share with managers from other administrative areas who work together with legal Leadership in Legal

5 pm – Success story: The Story of the Young Lawyer who Achieved a High Legal Position in One of the Largest Companies in the Country Today

  • Professional trajectory: paths taken, qualifications invested and market vision
  • How is the lawyer that the market is looking for today?
  • Characteristics that lead professionals to leadership positions
  • Self-Overcoming: Tips on how to face challenges in a highly competitive market and gain a competitive edge
    Sabatina: all questions answered by the speaker

– Elias Marques de Medeiros Neto
Legal Director – Cosan

2:30 pm – change your mindset: How to bring the Legal Department closer to the other Administrative Areas of the Company for a More Strategic and Assertive Performance – Breaking Organizational Paradigms that Make Interdepartmental Communication Difficult

Problem focus: how to eliminate the image of the Legal Department as an area that only comes into action after litigation Working in different hands: the benefits of drawing up strategies that bring together leaders from different areas to walk towards the company’s goals

The untouchables: deconstructing the distance vision of the legal department with the areas that must work together for the elaboration of projects, contracts and other strategic actions. How to make yourself understood by the different departments of a company: leadership, good communication and clarity for working in multidisciplinary teams
Case presentation: initiatives in the legal area for an approximation with other areas

– Gilberto Biskier
Legal and Administrative Executive Manager – Unimed Santos

– Juliana Ruggiero
Business Lawyer – Johnson & Johnson

15:30 – Budget Optimization: Dynamics for the Best Use of the Pre-Established Budget for the Legal Department – ​​Is It Possible to Do More and Better with a Fixed Budget?

Analysis of results: how much does it pay for the company to settle in lawsuits
Situations in which a conviction in a court case may be advantageous
Assessment of the conviction rate in different courts: data to be used in favor of the company