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Reporting and Monitoring Templates

Please find here related document to the reporting and the monitoring of projects in the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme.

Start up Report

Model for a Start up Report of the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme

Preparation Cost Report

Model for a Preperation Cost Report of the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme

Progress Report

Model of a Progress Report of the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme. This modified version is applicable as from 4 April 2014.

Non binding example: Budget breakdown

This file provides an example of breakdown per Reporting Period, Budget Line, Work Package and Partner  to be attached to the Start Up report.  

Non binding example: timesheet template

The file provides a template for a timesheet. Please note that the use of this document is not compulsary.

Final Report

Model of a Final Report of the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme 

Final Report (.doc)

Annex 1 - Private Lead Partner self-declaration

Annex 2 - Lead Partner self-declaration