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Information on the implementation process

Based on the decision of the Monitoring Committee the projects are approved for funding and can start their implementation. From the early stage of the implementation of the project a sound communication within the project partnership and between the project and the Programme bodies are the pre-requisite leading to a successful project outputs and results. The phases of the project life-time can be dived into a start-up phase, reporting phase and project closure phase. Please note that the following description is only a sum-up of the main milestones of the project implementation. The extensive information on project implementation is to be find in the Implementation Manual.

The start-up phase 

The start-up phase of the project implementation includes, among the others, the signature of the Subsidy Contract (document laying down all the necessary implementing arrangements for a project) and the Partnership Agreement (document laying down the arrangements for the relations between the Lead Partner and project partners). The partnerships also define their work plan and time table in details and set-up their management structures. Towards the JTS the projects fill in the templates of the Start-up report and the template of the Preparation Costs report.

Reporting phase

The CE projects are using the Lead Partner principle, whereas the LP - on behalf of the project partnership - regularly reports on the progress of the project. This reporting is done through joint progress reports submitted to the JTS twice a year. The joint progress report consists of an activity report and a financial report and personalized templates that are provided to the Lead Partner by the JTS. The reporting periods cover on a regular basis a time span of six months counting from the start date of the project specified in the approved Application Form. The deadline for submission is two months after the end of the period. The project progress reports are processed and checked within the JTS, Managing Authority and Certifying Authority who transfers the ERDF payment to the Lead Partner. After receipt of the payment, the Lead Partner transfers the ERDF share to each Project Partner.

Project closure phase

After finalisation of the project, and in addition to the Progress report for the last implementation period, approved projects must submit a final report. This report will provide an overview of the project’s activities and achievements.