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“How to Make your Project a Success Story” Training on Project Management: Monitoring and Follow-Up

Category: Central Events

21-22 November 2011 Sheraton Hotel, Bratislava, Slovakia

Over the past years, valuable practical experience has been gained regarding project management – both on management level of the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme and on the level of funded projects. This experience was discussed in this two-day workshop which took place in Bratislava on 21-22 November 2011. The focus was on the exchange of good practices and on strengthening the projects’ capacities to better spread their results as well as to generate long-lasting effects.

The training provided technical support and advice to the project's Lead Partners, enabling them to reach even higher quality of their CENTRAL EUROPE projects. 

Please find below presentations given at this event:

Day 1


From a different planet? Reporting as it is and as it should be - Activity Report ( Monika Schönerklee-Grasser, JTS)

From a different planet? Reporting as it is and as it should be - Financial Report ( Helga Depasquale, JTS)

Capturing project achievements ( Polona Frumen, INTERACT )


Workshop how to prepare good progress report

Presentation - How to prepare good progress reports (JTS)

Exercise reporting

Exercise financial

Good practise presentations


Workshop how to close a project and prepare for Audits

Presentation - How to close a project and prepare for audits ( JTS)

Good practise presentations


Day 2



Putting projects into wider strategic context ( Mauro Novello, INTERACT)

Examples of funding opportunities ( Daniela Diedrich, EBRD)

Good practise presentation ( Linus Karlsson, BALTIC MASTER II)


Workshop how to spread the word about project results and how to use them sustainably

Presentation - Capitalisation on project and programme level (JTS)

Innovation good practise

Accessibility good practise

Environment good practise

Competitiveness good practise


List of participants