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Training on Financial and Project Management

(4th Call Projects and Strategc Call Projects) 


21-22 November 2012 Fleming's Hotel, Vienna, Austria

As experience and good practice show, projects trained as from the beginning of their implementation can better cope with the financial and administrative issues connected to project management. The valuable practical experience gained in the past years was discussed in this two-day workshop which took place in Vienna on 21-22 November 2012. The focus was on the exchange of good practices and on strengthening the projects’ capacities.
The training provided technical support, advice and lots of practical exercises to the project's Lead Partners (representing projects approved within the Strategic and 4th Call), enabling them to reach even higher quality of their CENTRAL EUROPE projects.

Please find below the complete documentation of the event comprising the agenda, presentations given and excercises with correct answers:

Final Agenda

Day 1 (Financial Management)


Management Structures and Financial Flows (Andrea Borrini, JTS)

First Level Control Principles and Practice (Helga Portelli, JTS)

Workshop Budget Lines - Presentations

Budget lines (JTS)

Budget flexibility rules (JTS)

Project presentation: How to monitor the financial progress (Jörn Freyer, Land Company Saxony Anhalt )

Workshop Excercises - Budget Lines

Workshop Audits - Presentations

How to keep an Audit Trail (JTS)

Second Level Control: process and most common findings (JTS)

Financial Correction Form process (JTS)

Project presentation:Second Level Control Audits (Sebastian Dittrich, Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen)

Workshops - Excercises Audit and Financial Correction Form


Day 2 (Project Management)


General reporting principles (Monika Schönerklee-Grasser, JTS)

Project HABIT CHANGE (Swen Ranow, Leibniz Institute)

Project ET-STRUCT (Stuart Simpson, Vienna Board of Education)

Workshops - Presentations

How to prepare a good progress report

Progress report communications issues

Workshops - Excercises with results

Exercise ouput indicators

Excercise Ouput indicators (section F events)

Result indicator exercise

Excercise project changes (Text) (Form)


List of participants

Picture Gallery