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Cross Fertilisation Workshop on Accessibility Projects in Prague

Tackling common challenges together

CENTRAL EUROPE Programme organised its second Cross Fertilisation Workshop for accessibility projects. After the first cross fertilisation workshop for this priority which took place during the Annual Event 2009 in Verona project partners of 12 different projects approved under priority acvcessibility in the first two calls met on 25 November in Prague, Czech Republic, on the occasion of the CENTRAL EUROPE Annual Event. To get insight in other projects, exchange ideas on different topics and finding synergies between projects tackling similar challenges were the major topics discussed.

Clustered according to three topics in which the projects work in - corridor projects, logostics and public transport, the projects discussed common challenges and how to overcome them as well as common goals and possibilities for future cooperation.

The outcome of the work may be found here in form of the produced flipcharts.

The projects attending the meeting were also aksed to present their ooutputs (1st call projects) as well as their planned activities (2nd call projects).

All the presentations can be found here:

- Chemlog

- Kassets

- Sonora

- Via Regia +







Some impressions can be found in the picture gallery.