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Cross Fertilisation Workshop on Innovation Projects in Stuttgart

Tackling common challenges together

CENTRAL EUROPE Programme organised its Cross Fertilisation Workshop for innovation projects. Project partners of 13 different projects approved under priority innovation in the first two calls met on 13 April in Stuttgart, Germany on the eve of the congress "Strategies for Innovation and Competitiveness in Europe" held in the same location. To get insight in other projects, exchange ideas on different topics and finding synergies between projects tackling similar challenges were the major topics discussed.

How to prepare trainings and what are the best methods to do so? How to reach relevant target groups? How can projects keep up the information exchange on outcomes between themselves? Questions like these were asked, discussed and first answers were found.

"Having very different backgrounds, challenging different issues, some topics are relevant for all projects which are funded under the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme. To strengthen the cooperation and joining the forces is a valuable exercise", was the common comment after the event.

The outcomes of the workshop can be found here.

Some impressions can be found in the picture gallery.