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Communication is an essential part of every project approved under the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme. Not only to get the message of the project across to relevant target groups and media, but also for a smooth and successful project implementation.

The CENTRAL EUROPE Programme together with South East Europe Programme held its Communication Seminar in Maribor, Slovenia on 12-13 September 2012.  

The Seminar attracted 120 Lead Partners and Communication Managers from almost all projects of both programmes.  

The training was prepared by the JTS Central Europe and JTS South East Europe and delivered by Akadamie für Publizistik, a Hamburg-based Communication and PR consultancy. Participants were trained on how to prepare a valuable communication strategy and learned more about how to better organise their communication and capitalisation activities. They also worked in groups to identify stakeholders of their projects, to prepare proper messages, to fine-tune the news angles of their project stories and to find the right communication channel for their communication activities. 

For more guidance you can download the CENTRAL EUROPE Communication Guidebook HERE.  

Presentations given during the training can be found here:

How to develop and implement communication plans

How to sell results of advanced projects

Develop your story: identify stories and use them in a professional way

Develop your partnership: how to enable your project partners to contribute to mainstreaming results