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Communication Seminar 2nd call projects (June 2010)

Communication is an essential part of every project approved under the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme. Not only to get the message of the project across to relevant groups of people and the media, but also for a smooth and successful project implementation.

Therefore the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme held - after its first Communication Seminar in May 2009 dedicated to first call projects -  its second Communication Seminar in Gdansk, Poland.  

The Seminar which was held from 15 - 16 June attracted 50 Lead Partners and Communication Managers from almost all projects, which have been approved during the MC meeting in November 2009.  

The training was prepared by the JTS Central Europe and delivered by Pinnacle, a London-based Communication and PR consultancy. Pinnacle's PR professionals trained participants on how to prepare the valuable communication strategy, how to deliver a successful event and how to deal with media. The participants also worked in groups to identify stakeholders of their projects, to prepare proper messages, to fine-tune the news angles of their project stories and to find the right communication channel for their PR activities. 

Pinnacle, in collaboration with the JTS Central Europe, has elaborated communication guidebook. The guidebook should be seen as a resource for ideas and practical advice to help Central Europe projects with their project PR activities.

Guidebook can be downloaded HERE.


Presentations given during the training can be found here:


Communication Plan - Overview

Communication Plan project Urban SMS (presentation)

Communication Plan project Transwaste (presentation)

Communication Plan project Transwaste (final document)

Communication background

Stakeholder engagement

Media relations and non-media relations

Organising events

Website Online Tools


Please find the list of participants here.


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