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02 May 2013 Film Reel CENTRAL EUROPE: i.e. SMART wins project video competition by a great margin

With more than 700 Likes expressed on the CENTRAL EUROPE Facebook page, the i.e. Smart project has won the “Film Reel CENTRAL EUROPE” competition. Creative Cities followed in second place with their video attracting more than 200...[more]

22 April 2013 FLAVIA: German “Pro-Rail Alliance” presents project as good practice to raise public awareness for rail freight services

The CENTRAL EUROPE project FLAVIA was presented as a good practice for raising public awareness on potentials of greener rail transport in the latest issue of the German “Pro-Rail Alliance” magazine.[more]

17 April 2013 centrope_tt: Brno opens its research capacities for companies from all over the world

Innovative companies worldwide can now submit applications for innovation vouchers in the City of Brno, Czech Republic. The call is open until 8 May 2013 for subsidies worth up to 4.000 EUR. Innovation vouchers, a tool tested by...[more]

04 April 2013 New thematic sections launched on CENTRAL EUROPE website

The CENTRAL EUROPE Programme supports 124 projects in six thematic fields, ranging from transport, environment and energy to innovation, demographic change and cultural heritage. In dedicated new sections of the website, the...[more]

04 April 2013 INNOTRAIN IT: Qualification of 1 000 IT experts helped businesses to become more competitive

The INNOTRAIN IT project developed a simplified application for Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) to help smaller and medium-sized businesses (SME) become more competitive. When the project was closed in March...[more]

03 April 2013 EU Budget 2014-2020: Commissioner Hahn regrets poor funding for European Territorial Cooperation

Following the negative vote of the European Parliament on the Council compromise regarding the Multi-Annual Financial Framework (MFF), Commissioner Hahn re-affirmed in front of parliamentarians his disappointment over the poor...[more]

20 March 2013 Sustainable waste management in Europe: Commission helps Member States to get on track

Although significant progress has been achieved across the EU as regards waste management and implementation of the waste legislation, further improvements are needed in most, if not all, Member States.[more]

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