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The Member States participating in the programme established a shared management system to manage, coordinate and supervise the implementation of the programme.

Implementation bodies and their functions:

Monitoring Committee

The monitoring committee steers the programme and ensures the quality and effectiveness of its implementation and approves projects for funding. It is composed of representatives of the Member States participating in the programme.

Managing Authority (with additional functions of certifying authority)

The managing authority is responsible for the management and implementation of the programme in accordance with the principle of sound financial management and in line with EU regulations ruling the ERDF funds. The managing authority will also carry out the functions of the certifying authority, therefore it is also responsible for ERDF payments to projects.

Audit Authority

The main task of the audit authority is to ensure that audits are carried out on the management and control systems of appropriate sample of projects and on the annual accounts according to internationally accepted audit standards in order to verify the expenditures declared.

Joint Secretariat

The joint secretariat assists the managing authority and the monitoring committee in carrying out their respective functions and undertakes the day-to-day implementation of the programme. It also provides guidance to project applicants and partners

National Contact Points

National contact points represent the programme on national, regional and local level. In cooperation with the joint secretariat, they provide information to potential applicants, advise and assist project partners, inform stakeholders on achievements of the programme and support the national and transnational programme management.

National controllers/FLC coordinating bodies

The controllers responsible are verifying the legality and regularity of the expenditure declared by each lead partner and project partner participating in the project located on its territory.