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CENTRAL EUROPE Programme - videos

The CENTRAL EUROPE Programme is continously producing videos in order to promote the Programme itself and projects co-funded by the Programme. Please find the videos produced so far here:


Over the past years, valuable practical experience has been gained regarding project management – both on management level of the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme and on the level of funded projects. This experience was discussed in this two-day workshop which took place in Bratislava on 21-22 November 2011. The focus was on the exchange of good practices and on strengthening the projects’ capacities to better spread their results as well as to generate long-lasting effects.

VIDEO: Approaching Central Europe

The video was produced on the occasion of the Annual Event 2010 in Prague. It highlights the regions involved in the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme and their cooperation among each other as well as eight projects co-funded in the four priorities innovation, accessibility, environment and competitiveness of cities and regions.

VIDEO: Better quality in Central Europe

What is the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme area about, what makes this part of Europe so unique? Which issues are tackled at the moment and which will be relevant for the future? Which concrete answers are already given through the projects co-funded by the projects? Stakeholders and project give first answers to these questions.

VIDEO: Central Europe Tour - listening to citizens

150 interviews were performed during a 5000 kilometer long trip through eight cities in eight countries. Citizens in Dresden (Germany), Hradec Králové (the Czech Republic), Vienna (Austria), Bratislava (the Slovak Republic), Budapest (Hungary), Katowice (Poland), Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Venice (Italy) raised their hopes in what could be improved in the future through a cooperation of European countries and regions. Be it a better transport system, sustainable environment, more parks in urban areas or better conditions for SMEs.

VIDEO: Danuta Hübner, European Commissioner

The video was produced on the occasion of the Kick off event of the Programme in 2007 and contains an interview with former EU-Commissioner for Regional Policy, Danuta Hübner, talking about her hopes and expectations for the Central Europe area and the Programme.