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Reference documents for the CENTRAL EUROPE Operational Programme

Within the Operational Programme there are references to a number of policy documents such as the following (please click on the link to get to these documents):

In addition, the Operational Programme also refers to a number of National Strategic Reference Frameworks.

Relevant EU legislations

Below you will find documents and files relevant to project development and implementation.

The official website of the European Commission DG Regio lists all the regulations valid for the current programming period 2007-2013. Please visit the DG Regio website for the full list of the Regulations and their corrigenda and addenda. 

For other EU regulations please click here: Database EUR-Lex

Tools & Resources

Below you will find access to tools and resources that may be useful for successful project preparation and implementation:

Contribute to our common knowledge base: If you know of tools and resources of interest for this section, feel free to share them with us! Simply e-mail to info(at)