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Pilot actions

ACT4PPP - Pilot Actions

Installation of a photovoltaic plant on a landfill site in Asti (IT)

The main output of the pilot action is the elaboration of a Baseline Paper dealing with crucial issues of setting up Public Private Partnership projects.

Urban development of the former brewery area “Reininghaus“ in Graz (AT)

The general objective is to find a convenient PPP model to develop the site to a prospering city district of high quality with urban diversity use (residential, work, education, cultural, entertainment) together with the owner ASSET ONE AG and the City of Graz by keeping public interests.

ADAPT2DC - Pilot Actions

Cost effective innovative solutions on public property maintenance, energy savings by optimisation of public buildings in Usti region (CZ)

The pilot action focuses on proposing energy saving measures implementation and the “Governance Model” preparation also dealing with the public buildings current conditions from the operating costs perspective.

Demography coaching in Thuringia and Bavaria (DE)

In Germany, two „demography coaches“ have been installed in two different regions. The coaches work with local stakeholders (mayors, representatives of regional administration, infrastructure providers, associations) to identify needs and potential responses in the face of shrinkage.

Promoting the return of women to the labour market by launching integral nursing services for children in Debrecen (HU)

Besides improving the chances of women to reintegrate into the labour market by improving child care services the Hungarian pilot action also endeavoured to establish more flexible and innovative child care solutions, to organise expert workshops and to develop policy recommendations.

Realization of a multi-service center in Ostana (IT)

The pilot action consists of the creation of a multi-service centre. In the small mountain community of Ostana, this brings new offers that were previously not available and at the same time provides previously existing services more efficiently.

Tele-medical services for eldery people to reduce health care costs in north-western Małopolska (PL)

The pilot action carried out in the north-western Małopolska (Miechów, Chrzanów, Olkusz and Proszowice counties) was targeted at a group of senior beneficiaries who were selected on the basis of health condition and place of residence.

Innovative tools to manage the overdimensioned public infrastructure in Maribor (SI)

The pilot action deat with saving municipality costs for maintaining public buildings and roads. The main approach of the pilot action is to use several cost reduction tools on the same pilot area - city center of Maribor.

BICY - Pilot Actions

Bike sharing system in Velenje (SI)

Implementation of small scale bike rental scheme (5 rental stations, 25 bikes). Modular design of station that allows future adaptation, easy maintenance and possibility of movement in case of changes in the network. Each station connected to central control station. Each rental point equipped with RFID reader and numeric keyboard.

Bicycle rental and cycle route from Ravenna to Cervia (IT)

Develop the sustainable mobility through the improvement of existing cycle paths and their promotion.

CEC5 - Pilot Actions

Exhibition in nearly zero energy building in Vorarlberg (AT)

Located in Dornbirn, Austria, one module of the Lifecycle Tower building representing innovative wood-based construction system for high rise buildings, has been chosen for the exhibition of variou energy-efficient approaches

Demonstration building: Social care institution in Lidman (CZ)

The construction of a new low-energy building, designated for accommodation of the institution´s clients, began in July 2012 and was completed in October 2013.

Demonstration building: Daycare facilities for primary school pupils in Ludwigsburg (DE)

The demonstration building “Gartenstraße 14” is part of the primary school area of the inner city of Ludwigsburg. In the context of the long term school development planning this area will be newly developed.

Demomstration building: Installation of photovoltaic glass on the old municipal slaughterhouse in Udine (IT)

The installation of a photovoltaic glass on building n° 8 of the complex, where the educational spaces for children are foreseen.

Demonstration building: Passive standard in the mechanical school complex in Bydgoszcz (PL)

The choice of the future passive building location was based upon the sustainability analysis that proved that the highest visibility will be secured on condition that the building is highly visited on daily basis.

Demonstration building: Secondary technical school in Senica

The school itself has already commenced its path towards the higher energy efficiency both in terms of its facilities as well as education process by installing digitally operated system of regulated heat and warm water consumption.

Central MeetBike - Pilot Actions

New bicycle infrastructure in Žilina (SK)

The problem in Žilina was the low number of bicycle racks and only a few locations equipped. Therefore the municipality decided to install new bicycle racks very close to the most important institutions within the city.

New cycling parking facilities in Tczew (PL)

This pilot action focused on consultations with stakeholders, gathering materials, market recognition, preparation of tender in order to install cycle counters and install cycle parkings facilities.


Culture and Tourism Marketing Tool - Exploring CENTROPE together

This new tourist website shows different cycling paths including difficulty levels, cultural and leisure events as well as interesting sights and places in the participating areas.

Infrastructure Needs Assessment Tool – Fostering competitive regional development

The aim of this cooperation tool is to develop a comprehensible and repeatable procedure for a periodical analysis of the state of spatial development and resulting infrastructural requirements in the CENTROPE region and a common development of a methodology & cooperation strategy.

CEP-REC - Pilot Actions

Results of energy analysis in Allgäu (DE)

The Allgäu region in the state of Bavaria is part of the Swabia administrative area. A tourist area, with about 3 million visitors annually, Allgäu is well known for dairy farming on the foothills of the Alps.

Results of energy analysis in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county (HU)

Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén (BAZ County) is in north-eastern Hungary, on the border with Slovakia. The region has one of the most diverse landscapes in Hungary: the north is covered by mountains with abundant forests, the south is part of the Great Hungarian Plain.

Results of energy analysis in Mazovia (PL)

The Mazovia Region is the largest and most populated of the sixteen Polish provinces. It spreads out over the Mazovian Lowland, through which the Vistula river and its tributaries Narew and Bug flow. Forests cover one-fifth of the region.

Results of energy analysis in Provincia di Torino (IT)

The Province of Turin, in the north-west of the Italian peninsula, bordering on south-east of France, is one of the largest and most populated regions, with 315 municipalities and almost 2 300 000 inhabitants.

Results of energy analysis in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia (IT)

The Friuli Venezia Giulia region lies in the north-east of Italy, between the Alps and the Adriatic sea. One of the five Italian regions granted a high level of independence, it is responsible in large part for its own administration and legislation.

Results of energy analysis in Savinjska (SI)

The Savinjska region is located to the east of central Slovenia, bordering on Austria in the north and Croatia in the south. It has a long tradition of spas and health resorts.

Results of energy analysis in Trnava (SK)

The Trnava region is one of eight self-governing regions in Slovakia. More than 250 000 tourists visit the region annually, and it is ideal for hiking, cycling and water sports due to its flatland. The region is traditionally a centre of agriculture, energy and engineering industries.

Result of energy analysis in Zlin (CZ)

The Zlín Region is an administrative area in the east of the Czech Republic and borders with Slovakia on its eastern edge. A typical tourist area, its attraction lies in its of natural, cultural and historic richness.

CERREC - Pilot Actions

Re-use collection days in Tyrol (AT)

In the province of Tyrol actors from waste management and work integrated social enterprises carried out re-use collection days in various municipalities all over Tyrol.

Re-use box in Graz (AT)

The Re-Use Box is the first collection system in Austria for small reusable items. With its special design and eco-friendly production on the cardboard box improves several logistical conditions in the field of transportation, storage and cost-efficiency.

E-reuse in Budapest (HU)

As one of the main recyclers in Hungary, the Fe-Group PLC has relevant experience on collection of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). The FeGroup PLC decided to make a spin-off company for the activity of preparation on for re-use as a pilot: the e-reuse Ltd. prepares mainly WEEE for re-use.

CIT MA BON raising awareness on the topic of door to door collection of used goods

The peculiar trait of this project is the idea of entrusting households with a commitment to define and test a door-to-door collection of fused goods that escape separate collection but could be re-used.


Rimini Riutilizza! is a network of two public entities, four social cooperatives, one waste managing company. It offers a collection point for re-usable products open 5 days a week, pick-up of re-usable products on demand and 4 second hand shops.

Re-use box in Kujawsko-Pomorskie region

The collection of mostly electric and electronic equipment, as well as furniture, articles of everyday use, books etc.

Mobile collection of electrical and electronic waste equipment in Senec

In cooperation with ENVIDOM (Collective Schemes of EEE Producers) and the municipality, the town of Senec realized the first pilot action in Slovakia. The main topic was the mobile collection of used electrical appliances.

Creative community re-use centre in Prague

Quite fundamentally, it’s an alternative to a scrap yards, where dysfunctional or broken things get simply thrown away. Our core belief is that things should be reused, again and again, while they are still able to fulfill their purpose.

ChemLog - Pilot Actions

Evaluation of Danube axis as multimodal transportation corridor for chemical industry, Upper Austria (AT)

This pilot action aims to strengthen the territorial cohesion in Central Europe by developing a Central and Eastern European Chemical Logistics Network, which will improve the framework conditions for economic growth and regional development.

CIRCUSE - Pilot Actions

Managing brownfields in Voitsberg Region (AT)

The formation of the land management agency shall manage a better reuse o brownfields (former industrial/commercial and mining areas) in a sustainable and environmental friendly way.

COBRAMAN - Pilot Actions

Green stop-over at the Brda River, City of Bydgoszcz (PL)

This pilot action took place in the city centre by the Brda River Banks.

Railway station in Kranj (SI)

This pilot project in the city of Kranj tried to promote publicly driven sustainable development of degraded areas though innovative spatial planning instruments.

CROSSCULTOUR - Pilot Actions

Access to US and Chinese Tourism Markets

CrossCulTour’s partner regions are mainly located in peripheral areas. Many do not promote well-known sights which are crucial for attracting international guests. As a result, they are ignored by tourists from overseas, especially first-time visitors to Europe, who prefer internationally renowned highlights, following classic tourist routes.

Tour Guide Technology for remote regions

CrossCulTour facilitated competitiveness at remote sites by connecting them to cultural centres using innovative information and communication technologies.

CUSTODES - Pilot Actions

Tourism on historical and magical tracks, Province of Rimini (IT)

Aiming at the development of tourist products specifically created for cultural sites in small centres, usually excluded from main tourism flows, the project Custodes created a new tourism concept for the hinterland of the Riviera in Emilia-Romagna. Fantasy is the theme which connects four castles on the route.

Fryderyk Chopin Route in Kujawsko-Pomorskie region (PL)

The establishment of the Fryderyk Chopin Route in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Region in Poland aims at developing a touristic product which brings you closer to the life of the famous composer Fryderyk Chopin.

EULAKES - Pilot Actions

Assessment of the anthropogenic impact on Charzykowskie Lake (PL)

The objective of this pilot action is to assess the anthropogenic impact on the Charzykowskie Lake. It was concluded that the influence is irregular and depends on the type and degree of the impact on the littoral zone, shape of the basin and water quality of tributaries.

FOKS - Pilot Actions

Arcade in Treviso (IT)

Through implementation of a new integrated approach key sources of the groundwater pollution were identified in Treviso.

Prevention of groundwater pollution in Jaworzno (PL)

Many different sources of pollution might contribute to identify groundwater damage, and it might not be clear, which ones are actually liable for the innovative tools for identification of key sources of groundwater pollution. This pilot actions focuses on the remediation efforts in degraded areas of Jaworzno.

INCA-CE - Pilot Actions

Hydrology actions in Slovakia

Nowcasting data as an input to hydrological models in Slovak conditions. In five independent areas with different natural conditions in various parts of Slovakia are being produced numeric forecasts the help to prevent flood risks.

Hydrology actions in Poland

Implementation of MIKE 11 in the Raba River catchment. Thanks to data, forecasts and warnings collected the governmental, provincial decision-making bodies and other users will be keept informed about the threats bad weather could bring to their area.

Hydrology actions in Czech Republic

Improvement of large-scale floods prediction within the Morava and Odra river basin and Creation of the flash flood prediction system and its pilot implementation on selected catchments within the terriotory of the Czech Republic.

Civil protection in Austria

Through the cooperation between the Austrian national weather service ZAMG (LP) and Austrian civil protection partners support is given to provinces in disaster management and develops, together with all national stakeholders, long term strategies in disaster management.

Civil protection in Slovakia

Activities focus on building of functional communication system between Institute and Ministry, with purpose for receiving of early warnings/alerts, and for immediately distribution to the regional level.

Civil protection in Hungary

Forecasting severe weather and nowcasting in Somogy County and the Lake Balaton to help to avoid events causing very dangerous wind gusts exceeding 100 km/h.

INNOTRAIN IT - Pilot Actions

Integrating supply chain in the delivery process in Vienna (AT)

Concerning the implementation of an IT Service Management solution the following case study provides a cross section on what has been done, without going deeper in each one. We consider that this overview will provide a good orientation on how diverse the use of IT Service Management can be and give insight in the benefits for the company.

Implementing a time and task manager software in Debrecen (HU)

Before introducing this innovative time and task manager software, managing vacations and sick-pay or beginning and end of working hours was a problematic task.

KASSETTS - Pilot Actions

"Broker Software" collaboration of Slovenia - Czech republic - Poland

The pilot has demonstrated the benefits of collaboration in the “Broker network”. Although the results of the partners vary a lot due to the specific properties of the cooperating companies in the countries and regions, they all demonstrate robust savings.


Rural atmosphere in Valle del Chiese (IT)

The development of experiential tourism products gives value to a rural environment and shows peculiarities of this pilot area.

Traces of mines in Ústí Region (CZ)

The main goal of this pilot action is to support the development of tourism activities and to increase the economic & touristic potential of small municipalities affected of mining activities in the past.

PROINCOR - Pilot Actions

"Best.Net" - IT company audit in Poznan (PL)

After the first innovation audits implemented in Wielkopolska region in Poland common problems of small and medium companies in the area of innovation are noticeable. For this reason trainings for audited companies are planned. The content of trainings will directly reflect the main issues identified during the audits in the regional enterprises.

Q-AGEING - Pilot Actions

Senior Art Recreation Centre in Ujbuda (HU)

Recreation Methodology and Service Centre for seniors, a community place including day-care homes for the elderly and providing place for other activities. A painting studio and a ceramic workshop was installed in the Őrmező community centre for community purposes.

Bicycle for elderly in Province of Treviso (IT)

During the Q-AGEING project the Province of Treviso had to create a "specific transport tool" for elderly people ensuring their physical activity and independence in terms of mobility.

Re-Turn - Pilot Actions

Supporting return entrepreneurs in Usti Region (CZ)

The main aim of this pilot action in Usti Region is to help returning emigrants to enhance their entrepreneurial spirit in Ústí region.

One-stop shop for returning migrants in central Transdanubia Region (HU)

One-stop-shop aims to re-integrate migrants to the benefit of the regional economy, providing full information about reintegration services, helping them find a proper job and utilize their knowledge acquired abroad

ReNewTown - Pilot Actions

Museum of Socialist Curiosities in Hnusta (SK)

The main aim of the pilot action is to establish a permanent exhibition of the people’s everyday life during the socialist era in Hnusta and in the surrounding region.

"ArtZONA" Nowa Huta in Krakow (PL)

The objective of the ArtZONA pilot project activities is to revitalize a post-industrial building which was originally a garage bulit in the fifties of the twentieth century.

Revitalisation of public space in Velenje (SI)

The revitalisaton of the local public area between the block of flats in Velenje-Gorica was opened by the Slovenia President.

SME support in Prague 11 (CZ)

Starting a small-or-medium- sized business is not easy process, often accompanied by administrative burden and many open questions, especially in the underdeveloped metropolitan districts

ReSOURCE - Pilot Actions

Mine under our feet in Salgótarján (HU)

“Mine under our feet" is a memory of the mining past in the city centre of Salgótarján (HU).

Master plan Aue in Saxony (De)

Master plan Aue/ Alberoda aims to promote a sustainable utilisation of the Wismut site in Aue in the scope of the „ReSource“ project

REURIS - Pilot Actions

Valley of Ślepiotka stream in Katowice (PL)

Preserving the natural and the environmental value of the river basin and using it as recreational area in the same time. REURIS projects is looking into ways how to combine these two aspects in this Pilot Action and brings benefits to local citizens.

Local rivers and canals in Leipzig, Saxony (GER)

How to make bridges more attractive: working on the revitalisation of urban rivers the CENTRAL EUROPE project REURIS prepared a concept for raising the attractiveness of 15 bridges across the Karl-Heine-Channel in Leipzig by illuminating them.

REZIPE - Pilot Actions

Boosting e-mobility in Upper Austria

REZIPE partners from Upper Austria promoted the use of renewable energy with two types of activities: installations of photovoltaic e-charging point and organisation of “Solar Rallies” showcasing e-vehicles to the wide public

Promoting clean energy in Cartinthia (AT)

In city of Klagenfurt (Austria) the project partners of REZIPE project installed five e-charging stations promoting the use of renewable energy

SEBE - Pilot Actions

Technology pre-treatment optimization for high-biogas production

The main purpose of this pilot action was to improve the biodegradability of certain types of biomass in order to significantly increase the yield of the subsequent process of production of biogas through anaerobic fermentation.

Conversion of Energiepark Bruck/Leitha (AT)

Thanks to the conversion plan, the biogas plant in Bruck/ Leitha that generates electricity, produces now highly valuable biomethane.

SECOND CHANCE - Pilot Actions

Revitalization of Halle 14, Leipzig (De)

As an independent art centre, HALLE 14 is a place for the presentation of contemporary art as well as a space for reflection and communication.

Open Spaces of Quarter St. Lawrence, Krakow (PL)

Within the Second Chance project, this Museum plans to create open space with cultural functions, which will attract artists, citizens and different stakeholders.

SOL - Save Our Lives - Pilot Actions

Implementation of Ccmmunicators in Styrian communities (AT)

One part of the SOL project deals with the development of a new Styrian Road Safety Programme. One of the main objectives of SOL is to increase the knowledge on the Styrian Road Safety Strategy and road safety measures within the communities with the help of "Communicators".

Improved safety of children on the journey to and from school in Győr (HU)

The main objective of this pilot action of the SOL-Save Our Lives project is to improve the safety of children on their journey to and from school.

Traditional and wild - Pilot Actions

Folklore House in Kunadacs (HU)

The folklore house serves as a demonstration place for visitors and promotion of traditional plant collection activities of the region.

TROLLEY - Pilot Actions

Comprehensive construction work for the integrated transport corridor in Szeged (HU)

The main output of this pilot action within TROLLEY project is a reconstructed trolleybus stop including overhead wires.

Acquisition and installation of supercaps on top of trolleybuses in Parma (IT)

Trolleybuses are equipped with so-called Supercabs, which are high-capacity on-board electric energy storages, providing the opportunity of decreasing energy savings up to 30% of the traction electric energy.

URBAN-SMS - Pilot Actions

Urban soil management in Bratislava (SK)

Urban development on the chemical waste dump Vrakuna. After project's activities this site decided joined the EU program for remediation of contaminated sites.

Urban soil management in Celje (SI)

Celje municipality has a dense structure in the old city centre and urban sprawl at the outskirts. Pressure for new housing areas is still present. Based on project tests optimized spatial positioning of appropriate land use is the only way of minimizing land take on areas with soils of high quality.

Urban soil management in Milan (IT)

The pilot area has been designed by the Municipality as a location for the upcoming 2015 universal expo. Soil Manager Suite helped to plan the development of the area in order to minimize the impact on soil resource and to optimize its consumption exposition.

Urban soil management in Prague (CZ)

The pilot area “Meadow” exemplifies the difficulty between the development interests of the private owner and the need to safeguard high quality green areas.

Urban soil management in region of Salzburg (AT)

Much cropland and grassland with soils of high quality have been converted into a residential area in this region. The results of the case study helped to steer regional land planning towards the most suitable areas for certain purposes.

Urban soil management in Stuttgart (DE)

In Stuttgart the main problem is the increasing pressure on high quality soils outside the settlement area. The chosen pilot area is an example of this negative development.

Urban soil management in Wrocław (PL)

Uban SMS activities helped to raise awareness and reach a common understanding of soil protection goals and conflicts between urbanization and environment quality in the city of Wrocław where the area of sealed surfaces has reached 39%.

UrbSpace - Pilot Actions

Open urbanspace renewal in Presov (SK)

The main goal of this pilot project investment phase was the realization of the playground for children, greenery renewal, the small scale architecture (benches, cycle racks) and the new electro-infrastructure for public lighting

Forest Park Renewal in Brno (CZ)

The main target of the renewed park creates a new leisure and daily recreation facility in city district for local community as well as for inhabitants of the whole city area. The renewal of a former forest park in city district Brno – Nový Liskovec was realized during the years 2008 – 2011.

Urban Tree Path in Sopot (PL)

The aim of implementing the pilot project "Urban Tree Path" was to mark a path which connects the main street of Sopot, railway station and the promenade. The goal of creating Urban Tree Path was to recreate this public space by increasing its attractiveness, accessibility and safety.

Hangarod Park in Nagykálló (HU)

The aim of this pilot project was to establish and improve the infrastructure that facilitates economic development by the construction of the interactive stage. The realization of this pilot project enables many colourful programmes.

"5 Municipalities’ park" in Rho (IT)

The aim of the improvement is to stimulate citizens to use and appreciate green areas nearby, as the 5 Municipalities’ Park, a huge urban open space, not very visited and used.

Via Regia + - Pilot Actions

Extension of integrated transport systems in Wroclaw (PL)

The policy of sustainable traffic development requires offering the inhabitants of Wrocław an attractive public transport network which is a real alternative to private cars. Based on a comprehensive evaluation of the rail infrastructure in the Wrocław agglomeration area the line no. 285 was chosen for an in-depth analysis.


Supporting a sustainable development in Lower Saale Valley, Saxony-Anhalt (DE)

This pilot action is about supporting a sustainable development within the rural region along the Saale, focusing on participative regional development scenarios.

Innovative communication tools in Msciwojów (PL)

This pilot action of Vital Landscapes project focuses on the development of innovative visualisation and communication tools.

YURA - Pilot Actions

Learning Partnership in Styria (AT)

Aim of the pilot action „Learning Partnership“is to initiate a better networking between regional schools and companies on the one hand and to improve the cooperation between schools and higher education facilities (e.g. Universities, Colleges etc.) for their mutual benefit.

Business Academy

The Business Academy for pupils supports intellectually gifted pupils of higher educational school grades. The aim is to improve and test the existing approaches.

Future Laboratory

In the laboratories will be worked out scenarios for an attractive life in rural area together with local stakeholders. Young people will contribute to the adjustment of social infrastructures.

Pupils research center

The Research Centre uses the exploratory spirit of young people. There are going to be developed educational modules for out-of-school knowledge transfer.