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The CENTRAL EUROPE Programme helps to improve living and working conditions in your region. Take a look at the CENTRAL EUROPE Output Library to find out what our projects do.

The Output Library collects (case) studies, surveys, analyses, inventories, guidelines and other interesting products from all our projects. Each output is connected with specific keywords.

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Guidelines on planning and design of good urban spaces. They are targeted at those responsible for urban environment in smaller towns and cities: politicians, planners and designers, as well as concerned citizens and community groups.

Project:UrbSpace - Urban spaces – enhancing the attractiveness and quality of the urban environment
Countries:Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia
Date:August 2010
Tag(s):Degraded areas, Urban area, Polycentric development, Metropolitan area

This paper draws an exhaustive image of the framework and the instruments for the urban and rural land use planning in the partners’ regions. It tries to summarize the main differences in formal and informal planning instruments in each partner region.

Project:RUBIRES - Rural Biological Resources
Countries:Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia
Tag(s):Environment, Metropolitan area, Polycentric development, Urban area, Urban transport, Rural areas, Biodiversity

This document offers the user information and hints for the organisation and course of the open urban space development process. The document shows the objectives and activities which need to be carried out in each of the
phases from project initiation to designing and planning, implementation, and finalisation.

Project:UrbSpace - Urban spaces – enhancing the attractiveness and quality of the urban environment
Countries:Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia
Tag(s):Metropolitan area, Urban area, Accessibility, Biodiversity, Polycentric development

This report takes as starting point the identification of issues within the central Europe region which would benefit from, or require, cooperation at the transnational (macro-regional) scale, and detects possible sub-spaces within central Europe where cooperation could be deepened around common agendas.

Project:CITY REGIONS - Increasing the competitiveness of city regions through integrated urban-rural development
Countries:Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy
Tag(s):Polycentric development, Urban sprawl, Regional development

The possibilities of using EU structural funds for the development of urban – rural partnership in the 2014 – 2020 funding period.

Project:REURIS - Revitalization of Urban River Spaces
Countries:Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy
Tag(s):Polycentric development, Regional development, Urban sprawl