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The CENTRAL EUROPE Programme helps to improve living and working conditions in your region. Take a look at the CENTRAL EUROPE Output Library to find out what our projects do.

The Output Library collects (case) studies, surveys, analyses, inventories, guidelines and other interesting products from all our projects. Each output is connected with specific keywords.

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Results of analysing the technology transfer situation in CERIM regions in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Project:CERIM - Central Europe Research to Innovation Models
Countries:Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia
Tag(s):Innovation, Knowledge, RTD, SME, Technology transfer

The Innovation Systems Guidebook offers an overview of national, regional and sectoral innovation systems in project partners’ countries along with innovation systems at European Union level. Enhanced with guidelines, the overview allows a critical comparison between innovation systems and an identification of the most relevant factors which enable viability and efficiency.

Project:FREE - From Research to Enterprise
Countries:Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia
Date:April 2010
Tag(s):Entrepreneur(ship), Innovation, Knowledge, RTD, SME, Technology transfer

In this report a general solution for brownfield management, providing alternatives for the installation in different places is presented and the adaption of such a general solution to one pilot study case is described. This can be seen as best practice example even in practice the adaption to local circumstances might be very different.

Project:COBRAMAN - Manager Coordinating Brownfield Redevelopment Activities
Countries:Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovenia
Date:July 2010
Tag(s):Brownfield (revitalisation), Degraded areas, Knowledge, Metropolitan area, Qualification, Urban area

The main goal of the survey was to acquire more in-depth, primarily
qualitative knowledge of the conditions of, and barriers to the development of research in public-sphere science and research
instutions in the South Moravian Region and the transfer of research outputs to everyday practice.

Project:CENTROPE_TT - Tools for Transnational Innovation Support in Centrope
Countries:Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia
Tag(s):Technology transfer, RTD, Cluster, Innovation, Knowledge

The major goal of this guide is to support project partners and training providers to design career and technical training that covers the most relevant knowledge areas within a quality framework and in line with European nascent
qualification standards.

Project:FREE - From Research to Enterprise
Countries:Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia
Tag(s):Entrepreneur(ship), Innovation, Knowledge, RTD, SME, Technology transfer

This paper contains a concise description of demographic changes which took place in Opole in the period of systemic and economic transformation in the years 1989-2009, a comparison of the current population situation in the capital of the Opole province with other cities of the province rank as well as short information concerning the course of the forecasted demographic
processes and challenges for the regional development policy resulting from it.

Project:Via Regia + - Via Regia plus - Sustainable Mobility and Regional Cooperation along the Pan-European Transport Corridor III
Countries:Germany, Poland, Slovakia
Tag(s):Brain drain, Demographic change, Entrepreneur(ship), Human capital, Knowledge, Labour market, Young people

The strategy gives the maximum possible systematic guidance to enable the project partners involving market players in their business cases themselves.

Project:SoNorA - SOuth-NORth Axis
Countries:Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovenia
Tag(s):Multimodal transport, Knowledge, Transport

The report covers SMEs sector in Austria and gives a general overview of situation of SMEs in Austria

Project:ACT CLEAN - Access to Technology and Know-how in Cleaner Production in Central Europe
Tag(s):Cleaner production, Knowledge, Technology transfer, SME

The Central European Ageing Strategy has been developed by the project consortium of the Central European Knowledge Platform for an Ageing Society, in short CE-Ageing Platform. Based on the CE-Ageing Vision, the CE-Ageing Platform identified existing potentials, established recommendations for policy change and now presents the CE-Ageing Strategy as green paper to the public.

Project:CE-Ageing Platform - Central European Knowledge Platform for an Ageing Society
Countries:Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia
Tag(s):Ageing, Elderly, Demographic change, Depopulation, Knowledge, Human capital, Social change

International comparative working paper which summarises activities and outputs of the Re-Turn project in the field of understanding needs and potentials of returning migrants and regional conditions for reintegration.

Project:Re-Turn - Regions benefitting from returning migrants
Countries:Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovenia
Tag(s):Migration, Human capital, Knowledge

The report analysis similarities and differences between involved states and regions as well as the unexploited potentials of returnees to foster knowledge development.

Project:Re-Turn - Regions benefitting from returning migrants
Countries:Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovenia
Tag(s):Human capital, Migration, Knowledge

Senior Capital European Benchmark analyses the pension and senior employment schemes in project countries (AT, DE, HU, IT, PL, SI) as well as selected successful solutions for “50+” generation that have been already tested in different european countries.

Project:Senior Capital - Develop human capital of seniors to increase their economic and social value in a knowledge based and competitive economy
Countries:Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovenia
Tag(s):Demographic change, Demography, Training, Knowledge, Labour market, Elderly