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The CENTRAL EUROPE Programme helps to improve living and working conditions in your region. Take a look at the CENTRAL EUROPE Output Library to find out what our projects do.

The Output Library collects (case) studies, surveys, analyses, inventories, guidelines and other interesting products from all our projects. Each output is connected with specific keywords.

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A detailed description of the profession brownfield manager:

Project:COBRAMAN - Manager Coordinating Brownfield Redevelopment Activities
Countries:Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovenia
Date:May 2009
Tag(s):Brownfield (revitalisation), Degraded areas, Education, Human capital, Labour market, Training, Qualification

Sustainable destination management is critical for tourism development, especially through effective spatial and land use planning and development control and through investment decisions on infrastructure and services. In ensuring that new tourism development is of a scale and type in keeping with the needs of the local community and environment, a sustainable management can reinforce the economic performance and competitive positioning of a destination in the long-term.

Project:CUSTODES - Cultural Sites and Tourism: Development of European Strategies
Tag(s):Cultural heritage, Culture, Natural heritage, Labour market, Tourism, Sustainable tourism

Innovation Services Guidebook gathers good practices, which are aimed at academia, SMEs or both, in project partners’ countries and also on the EU level. Principally, it serves as a reference material to 'mediators of innovation' during training sessions and pilot projects. With analyzed transferable aspects and innovation features one can consider adopting good practices or improving already existing services.

Project:FREE - From Research to Enterprise
Countries:Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia
Date:April 2010
Tag(s):Innovation, Labour market, SME, Technology transfer

Present study is aimed at summarising the demographics and state of elderly people within the municipal areas, it examines the social integration and exclusion, the embeddedness in the neighbourhood and the local society, describes the main characteristics of social connections (family, neighbours, civic possibilities, voluntary work).

Project:Q-AGEING - Quality Ageing in an Urban Environment
Countries:Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovenia
Date:October 2009
Tag(s):Ageing, Demographic change, Demography, Elderly, Labour market, Rural areas, Social change, Social infrastructure

This paper contains a concise description of demographic changes which took place in Opole in the period of systemic and economic transformation in the years 1989-2009, a comparison of the current population situation in the capital of the Opole province with other cities of the province rank as well as short information concerning the course of the forecasted demographic
processes and challenges for the regional development policy resulting from it.

Project:Via Regia + - Via Regia plus - Sustainable Mobility and Regional Cooperation along the Pan-European Transport Corridor III
Countries:Germany, Poland, Slovakia
Tag(s):Brain drain, Demographic change, Entrepreneur(ship), Human capital, Knowledge, Labour market, Young people

The brochure gives an overview on a benchmarking system introduced and applied in 802 small and medium sized companies in six countries of the Central Europe area by the project I3SME. Furthermore the brochure highligts a 64 companies proven to be innovative through the benchmarking system.

Countries:Austria, Lithuania, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovenia
Tag(s):Innovation, Labour market, SME

A consice report on the regional development in the Centrope region, focusing on economic and employment data. This report displays the situation in 2010 and shall be updated each year.

Project:CENTROPE CAPACITY - Sustainable urban and regional cooperation for a polycentric territorial development in a competitive CENTROPE region
Countries:Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia
Date:April 2011
Tag(s):Entrepreneur(ship), Labour market, Regional development

This document collects and assembly single and personal analysis conducted by each of the AutoNet partners. Each of them offer a personalised elaboration regarding the state-of-the-art of automotive industry within their territory, mapping the excellence of the region, highlighting trends and developments, focusing on needs and priorities and analysing innovation and research.

Project:AutoNet - Transnational Network of Leading Automotive Regions in CE
Countries:Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia
Tag(s):Demographic change, Entrepreneur(ship), Labour market, Cluster, SME, Innovation

The Strategy covers a wide range of policy interventions aiming at sustainable economic growth and social cohesion with focus on four major areas of concern: employability, migration, family, healthy ageing.

Project:CE-Ageing Platform - Central European Knowledge Platform for an Ageing Society
Countries:Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia
Tag(s):Ageing, Demographic change, Elderly, Demography, Migration, Labour market, Social infrastructure, Social change

i.e. SMART project developed and implemented a trans-national management structure to link the involved regions so that they can provide their citizens with sustainable labour market opportunities. The project introduced ‘SMART Points’ -regional centres of competence where entrepreneurs are comprehensively trained, and individually mentored and counselled. The document describes the training modules for SMART traininers involved in SMART Points activities.

Project:i.e.SMART - SMART Training Network for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Sustainable Economic Sectors
Countries:Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia
Tag(s):Entrepreneur(ship), Labour market, Training, Innovation

Senior Capital European Benchmark analyses the pension and senior employment schemes in project countries (AT, DE, HU, IT, PL, SI) as well as selected successful solutions for “50+” generation that have been already tested in different european countries.

Project:Senior Capital - Develop human capital of seniors to increase their economic and social value in a knowledge based and competitive economy
Countries:Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovenia
Tag(s):Demographic change, Demography, Training, Knowledge, Labour market, Elderly