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Polish public institutions that would like to become the lead partner may apply for an advance funds used for the activities related to the preparation of transnational project within the Programme of Supporting Polish Lead Applicants, for more information see

National Co-financing:

Polish Lead Partners of CENTRAL EUROPE Programme have the possibility to obtain up to 15 % of expenditures spent from the year of 2007 as well as planned to spend in 2011, from the state budget, what will allow them to cover the national co-financing. The text of the procedure together with all off necessary application annexes is available at

First Level Control requirements:

Poland has set up a mixed First Level Control system depending on the status of the Polish partners:

A) Marshall Offices, Voivodes, Ministries and Central Offices

Marshal Offices, Voivodes, Ministries and Central Offices acting as Lead partners and partners have the possibility of using internal controllers, provided they are independent from project implementation and fulfil the requirements set at national level in terms of experience and qualification.

In this decentralised option, the controller proposed by the beneficiaries by means of a specific questionnaire must be authorised by the following body:

Ministry of Infrastructure and Development
Territorial Cooperation Department
Wspolna 2/4, 00-926 Warsaw

Detailed information is available HERE

Please notice that audit costs linked to this option are not eligible for ERDF co-financing. The above-mentioned partners may also use the services of the Implementing Authority for European Programmes described below.

The internal controller has to be officially authorised before first expenditure is reported and confirmed. If the authorisation is not granted, the project partner has to use services of the Implementing Authority for European Programmes.

B) Other organisations

In all other cases, a free of charge centralised First Level Control system applies.  Expenditure of Polish Lead partners and partners falling under this category will be checked and confirmed by the following body (new as of 1 April 2014):

The Center of European Projects
Domaniewska 39A
02-672 Warsaw, Poland
Phone: + 48 22 378 31 00
Fax: + 48 22 201 97 25

Contact person:

Mr Rafał Kociucki
Deputy Director
Phone: + 48 22 378 31 00


Polish eligibility rules

can be found here