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National Co-financing

Hungarian project partners in approved CENTRAL EUROPE projects will be granted 10% automatic national co-financing to top 85%ERDF. Co-financing is technically magaged by the First Level Control body.

First Level Control requirements:

Hungary has set up a free of charge centralised First Level Control system. Expenditure of Hungarian Lead partners and partners will be checked and confirmed by the following body:

Széchenyi Programme Office Nonprofit Ltd.
International and European Cooperation Programmes Directorate
IECP Control Department
Central Control Unit

Gellérthegy utca 30-32
HU – 1016 Budapest

Contact person: Ms Anita Gelegonyáné Nagy

Phone: +36 1 224 3167

Management of common costs:

Position of the Hungarian Control Body: VATI - Hungarian Non-profit Company for Regional Development and Town Planning

Common costs according to the interpretation of the previous programme periods ("horizontal costs"/"common costs") are not allowed for the Hungarian partners participating in the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme. It means that expenditures related to activities for the benefit of the whole project cannot be shared between project partners; therefore sharing of costs and payments for project activities between project partners are not allowed. Expenditures relevant for the whole project - for example project management and coordination costs, services e.g. organisation of a conference, etc. - shall be budgeted, contracted and paid by the responsible project partner for the activity.