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Regions 2007-2013

Which regions are covered?

The programme area includes regions from Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia and Ukraine. It covers about 1,050,00 square kilometers, an area that represents approximately a fifth of the EU landmass. About 148 million citizens or 28 percent of the EU population live in this area.

Its economy shows high disparities with regard to income and living standards: Besides encompassing some of Europe’s richest regions, Central Europe also includes some of Europe’s poorest ones. The CENTRAL EUROPE programme aims to contribute to reducing these differences through cooperation between regions, working towards joint solutions to common problems and actions that harness the regions’ potential. The programme should also help to strengthen the overall competitiveness by stimulating innovation and promoting excellence throughout Central Europe.

CENTRAL EUROPE serves the following countries and regions:

*Please note: Concerning the involvement of Ukrainian partners, please refer to the CENTRAL EUROPE Operational Programme.