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Establishing the capabilities to diffuse and apply innovation


The capability for the diffusion of innovation is a critical factor for the innovation process in Central Europe. This refers not only to the transfer of research results and new technologies to the business sector but also to the flow of information and knowledge between regions in Central Europe. Presently access is especially difficult for SMEs located in lagging-behind or peripheral regions. Access is also difficult in regions lacking efficient transfer institutions to support the diffusion of knowledge and innovation.

Specific Objectives

The overall aim of the Area of Intervention is to remove bottlenecks in the diffusion and application of innovation in order to ensure a broader access to RTD results and more efficient use of existing or newly created knowledge. This will intensify technology transfer and improve cooperation among key players. It will also lead to a better pooling of information in order to be applied in concrete production and service processes.

NOTE: This Area of Intervention deals predominately with framework conditions for the diffusion and application of knowledge in new products, processes and services. Framework conditions for the generation of knowledge and the development of new technologies are the main focus of Area of Intervention 1.1.


  • Stimulating technology transfer and knowledge exchange mechanisms, in particular in disadvantaged regions
  • Putting the cooperation of technology transfer institutions and the production sector into practice
  • Fostering access to scientific knowledge and the use of already existing knowledge
  • Establishing transnational networks between appropriate tertiary education and research institutions
  • Encouraging the use of ICT to create better transregional and transnational communication and cooperation between innovation
  • Setting up and intensifying the application-oriented cooperation between research system and companies
  • Creating preconditions for making access to high-level technologies easier on transnational level
  • Other contents in line with the objectives of the Area of Intervention