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Reducing risks and impacts of natural and man-made hazards


The Cooperation Area is exposed to significant risks of natural and man-made disasters of transnational dimension. Transnational cooperation should lead to more effective risk prevention in various fields and sectors. At a transnational, national, regional and local level, a higher awareness of risks and impacts of natural and man-made hazards should be established.

Specific Objectives

Better networks between all relevant sectors, a more effective communication, cooperation and coordination across national, disciplinary and institutional borders are sub-goals of this. The achievement of integrated standards, practices and experiences will help to further develop these issues at a transnational level in the future.


  • coordinating practices of integrated risk management between various fields and sectors (e.g. spatial planning, civil protection, industry, infrastructure, forestry, water supply, health, floodrisk- management);
  • improving, integrating and harmonising risk assessments and risk management standards (guideline strategies, qualifications, practices terms, financing);
  • implementing joint risk management plans and strategies against hazards;
  • developing security concepts for transport and other infrastructure networks in case of hazards;
  • applying communication strategies/tools for increasing risk awareness
    capitalising on regional policies and management systems for risk prevention in various sectors;
  • developing and applying tools and approaches for mitigation and management of the impacts of climate change and other risks;
  • implementing methods to evaluate risks related to environmental quality.