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Developing a high quality environment by managing and protecting natural resources and heritage


Central Europe has unique natural and ecological potentials that need to be preserved for future generations. At the same time, these potentials can be used in a sustainable way.

Specific Objectives

This Area of Intervention seeks to improve the quality of the environment (river basins, landscapes, protected areas, energy, air, soil, waste management) and will lead to a better protection of the environment. Furthermore, bio-diversity and the maintenance of national parks will be ensured, while a better use of degraded areas will be targeted.


  • implementing joint actions for maintaining and managing natural areas, protected areas and landscapes (landscapes at risk of biodegradation, river basins, forests, cultural landscapes, coastal zones etc.);
  • implementing joint actions to strengthen biological diversity on the level of species and habitats;
  • putting joint actions for improving the quality of the environment (air, water, soil) into practice;
  • implementing joint strategies for the sustainable use of natural resources and heritage;
  • developing and implementing common strategies and action plans to mitigate the climate change;
  • rehabilitating degraded areas such as former mining areas, contaminated sites and brownfields;
  • developing environmental monitoring systems as a basis for preventing negative impacts and for taking mitigation measures.