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Supporting the use of renewable energy sources and increasing energy efficiency


Central Europe has big potentials to diversify energy supply, bringing benefits to economy, environment and the citizens. The transnational support of renewable energy and energy efficiency will contribute to lowering the current dependency on external energy resources and secure the long-term supply with energy. This helps to protect Central Europe‚Äôs economy from potential impacts of rising energy prices.

Specific objectives

A higher use and a better utilisation of renewable energy will lead to a higher level of energy efficiency and consequently reduce the dependency on fossil energy resources. Activities can contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and to stopping the global climate change. In this light, the developed strategies will support the global climate protection strategies (Kyoto protocol 2012+).


  • setting up joint strategies for energy saving and energy efficiency;
    implementing balanced strategies for the use and exploitation of renewable and endogenous;
  • energy resources (wind, water, solar energy, biomass, hydro power, bio fuels)
  • transferring know-how from science, industry and policies concerning possible negative;
  • implications as results of production of renewable energy resources
  • developing innovative actions for the use of alternative energy resources in transport.