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Capitalising on Cultural Resources for More Attractive Cities and Regions


Central Europe is rich in cultural resources, understood as sites, structured landscapes and objects of importance to a culture. However, this richness is threatened by lacking investments or excessive pressure of investments risking destroying them. Cultural resources in Central Europe represent an important factor for its attractiveness, and play a major role for its identity.

The programme will therefore develop its cultural resources for the benefits of the citizens and generate an economic base for cities and regions. This will lead to higher income-generation and stronger regional identities, while at the same time ensuring preservation of the cultural heritage.

Specific objectives

This Area of Intervention aims at fostering sustainable use of cultural resources and heritage and to support the capitalisation on cultural resources will be supported.


  • building capacities of innovative management strategies for the protection, preservation and sustainable exploitation of cultural resources
  • promoting valorisation of traditional activities and knowledge
  • implementing strategic actions to generate income and employment through integrated cultural and economic concepts
  • putting strategies to enhance the cultural aspect of the regions into practice
  • using and protecting traditional knowledge and expertise related to cultural heritage
  • applying new forms of management of urban/cultural heritages with particular attention to natural and social capacity and possible side effects on environment and population in a long-term view