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Promoting sustainable and safe mobility


Increasing integration leads to an intensified exchange of goods and persons. The international and regional division of labour and the transition to flexible work create new qualitative and quantitative mobility requirements In addition, existing settlement structures, suburbanisation and tourism-induced traffic contribute to higher traffic volumes. Agglomerations are confronted with specific challenges (e.g. maintenance and financing of public transportation system) and problems (e.g. negative environmental impacts).

Specific Objectives

This Area of Intervention aims to reduce the environmental burdens arising from traffic, while promoting sustainable mobility and increasing awareness for safety issues as well as contributing to the achievement of higher quality of living conditions.


  • sharing experiences on the preparation and implementation of sustainable and safe transport solutions
  • supporting the development of advanced technological solutions for traffic-management (e.g. based on the Galileo system)
  • promoting the quality and attractiveness of public urban transport
  • implementing innovative and sustainable solutions to tackle transport bottlenecks (congestion management, road-pricing, internalising external costs etc.)
  • fostering applications, strategies and preparation of policy decision for more safety in transport
  • putting strategies to accompany major transport infrastructure systems with sustainability and safety assessments into practice
  • applying solutions and strategies for the mitigation of negative impacts of transport projects
  • implementing innovative transportation concepts for changing demographic situations
  • promoting actions to enhance the quality of transport within cities