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Improving Central Europe’s interconnectivity


Central Europe is connected to the main Transnational European transport corridors. Their expansion contributes to a better integration of the Cooperation Area and provides important potentials to the secondary networks. Activities in the framework of this programme should contribute to achieve a higher and more sustainable interconnectivity at an urban, regional and transnational level.

Specific objectives

The activities should improve transnational solutions for the interconnection of Central Europe, and at the same time consider the impacts of transport and establish an efficient and sustainable transport network.


  • implementing transport solutions for the specific needs of metropolitan, urban, rural, remote and isolated areas
  • developing cooperation for the access of landlocked countries to European sea ports
  • realising intermodality and interoperability of transport systems (road, rail, waterways, air)
  • establishing strategic cooperation between and within Transeuropean transport corridors
  • assessing and optimising impacts and potentials of European High-Priority transport corridors
  • and their connections to national and regional networks in the direction of sustainable and energy efficient transport modes