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Promoting ICT and alternative solutions for enhancing access


Traffic volumes in Central Europe are increasing, but the expansion of the traffic network does not automatically increase mobility, as bigger capacities can also induce further increases in volumes.

Information and Communication Technologies offer opportunities to substitute physical mobility by providing easier access to services and information. Besides technological-based solutions for enhancing efficiency in traffic, also non-technological, alternative solutions (organisational, institutional, and strategic) are capable of enhancing access.

Specific Objectives

This Area of Intervention generally seeks to improve accessibility of information and services, while reducing traffic volumes. Better solutions (technological and alternative) for enhanced mobility will be achieved.


  • promoting ICT for access to and provision of public services
  • using ICT as an instrument to reduce transnational traffic (e.g. video-conferencing, websites, supply-chain-management…)
  • applying ICT to develop efficient traffic management systems and traffic information systems of transnational transport flows
  • improving the access to infrastructure and services of general interest with alternative solutions to enhance personal mobility