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Control and Audit

Please find here related document to the control of the projects and their audit in the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme.

Control and Audit Guidelines compulsory as from 5 December 2011 on

The Control and Audit Guidelines are meant to provide financial managers and controllers of approved projects under the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme with the necessary information in order to ensure that all expenditure incurred during the implementation of operations can be validated on safe grounds.

Guide on changes in Controls and Audit entering into force on 5 December 2011

Explanation of the main changes occurred in the Version 2.1 of the Control & Audit Guidelines which enters into force from 5 December 2011 on.

FLC Templates

- FLC Breakdown of validated expenditure
- FLC templates
- Staff Costs Calculation Sheet

Fact sheets

- Fact sheet no. 01/2014 - Financial Corrections replacing Fact sheet 02/2010 

- Attachment to Fact sheet no. 01/2014: Irregularity reporting form template

- Fact sheet no. 02/2010 replaced by Fact sheet no. 01/2014

- Fact sheet no. 03/2010 - Calculation of Staff Costs         

- Fact sheet no. 01/2012 - Eligibility of Staff Costs

Eligibility Rules

This document is an abstract of the CENTRAL EUROPE Control & Audit Guidelines highlighting the eligibility rules